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  1. klaus

    3:49 am

    00s barbie does look more anatomically correct though

    • Zab

      12:09 am

      Surprisingly, yes. Maybe a bit on the thin side compared to most non-plastic people, but definitely a more human shape than the older one.

  2. Cajunbander

    3:07 am

    That, and it looks like the waistline is larger and the bust line is smaller. If anything, they made her more lifelike and conservative. (Bigger waist and smaller bust.)

  3. Melayahm

    7:07 am

    Probably uses a bit less plastic too….cost savings!

  4. Holly

    9:13 pm

    I don’t get the fuss at the fact that they made her thinner. At least now her breasts don’t stick out so much because of the inflated rib cage.

  5. Marishka

    8:52 pm

    Looks like she has serious trouble with her soas muscles though!