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  1. Frank

    11:16 pm

    #22, not true…seen someone do it

  2. Sheldon Cooper

    1:08 am

    31 could not be any more incorrect if you tried. Elvis’ twin brother was Jesse Garon Presley. Elvis’ middle name is Aron so it is not misspelled on his grave.

    Just a question? Why’d you make that up?

  3. maja

    1:12 am

    32 is false

  4. tface23

    1:23 am

    41 is only true if you ignore “North” and “South” in America.
    48 is just plain false as “Go.” is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.

  5. A Yank Named Andy

    7:43 pm

    #8 about a US flag flying over Canadian Parliament on a two dollar Canadian bill is FALSE. Its a Red Ensign flag – the previous Canadian flag that is red with a Union Jack in the top left corner.