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  1. Araruna

    4:57 am

    Wait, why are those people retarded??
    Just because the mother makes us think that the boyfriend “donated the ovaries”, it doesn’t mean that he did. Although sugested, nobody knows who donated the ovaries. [I know it couldn't be the boyfriend for anatomycal reasons, but whatevs]
    The person who wrote this only demanded to like if they loved their boyfriends, nothing more…
    So, why are they retarded again?

    • Josh

      6:18 pm

      Are you really trying to defend people’s likes for an obviously stupid ending and point of a story by saying that the last line is completely separate from the rest of it?

  2. Taney

    7:13 pm

    You’re retarded because you’re giving the author way more credit than they deserve. You’re as bad as an English teacher: seeing s**t that isn’t there.

    The author clearly meant that the boyfriend donated the ovaries, as it is written in the same exact style as all the other facebook s**t.

  3. wut ..?